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In 2014, we launched Dance4Demand, a global dance movement to show the world the huge demand for female condoms. Advocates danced to our exclusive song “Rise,” by Shaprece, and gave new energy to the global conversation about this prevention tool. Given the enthusiasm and success from that year, we’re brought Dance4Demand back as the action theme for GFCD 2015.

Feel like dancing? Use GFCD as an opportunity to organize a Dance4Demand! Check out photos and videos from years past to see these amazing events. If you want to organize something similar, here’s our how-to-guide:

Why Dance4Demand?

Dancing is fun and easy.

Use it to recruit new friends and colleagues to become female condom supporters.

Dancing is newsworthy.

If you’re planning a dance event in public, invite the media to cover it and get your female condom message out more broadly.

Dancing is a powerful advocacy strategy.

Together we’ll show policy makers, donors, and health providers there is a strong demand for female condoms and urge them to increase their support.

Organize Your Dance in 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Download and listen to our song. Get familiar with the music. See how the melodies inspire you and your community to get moving!
  2. Determine how you want to organize your dance. The format of your dance event is up to you. Just be sure to do the advance planning needed to make your event a success. See our toolkit item “Organize your Dance” for ideas and practical tips.
  3. Come up with dance moves. We give you the music, and you supply the dance moves. We’re excited to see how a common cause and song inspires different dance movements from around the world. Your dance can be choreographed or spontaneous. Whatever works for your context.
  4. Dance on Global Female Condom Day! On September 16, get your groove on! Try to incorporate female condom products or the GFCD logo into your dance, if possible.
  5. Document your dance event. It is very important to video record your event or take pictures so you can share your support for female condoms with a global audience. We strongly encourage videos because these will bring your dance to life. Videos can be taken with a smart phone, camera, or other video equipment.
  6. Share your event online.

Share videos and photos of your dance through your social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Use the hashtags #Dance4Demand  #GFCD2015  #femalecondoms. You can also submit your YouTube video link and photos to GFCD organizers.