Tell FC2 maker to prioritize people over profits

GFCD LogoVeru, the new manufacturer of the FC2 internal/female condom, recently ended U.S. over-the-counter (OTC) sales of the FC2, the only FDA approved receptive-partner initiated tool that protects against HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancy. To purchase FC2s, you must have a prescription or buy them directly through Veru online.

Citing low retail sales, Veru also drastically increased the price from $2-$3 per condom to nearly $10 each. The company claims their new direction expands access to the underutilized tool. Advocates know better. 

Taking the FC2 off of pharmacy shelves puts it further out of reach for many people living with and vulnerable to HIV and other STIs. People with low incomes already face significant barriers to accessing FCs. The new system exacerbates those barriers and contributes to health disparities by making this prevention tool only accessible and affordable to individuals with a prescribing provider and sufficient health insurance. 

This is unacceptable. 

This September 16, Global Female Condom Day, join the National Female Condom Coalition in sending Veru a loud and clear message to make FC2 OTC and make the price comparable to male condoms. 

  • Sign the letter to Veru demanding they stop restricting access to female condoms with high cost and requiring prescriptions. Individual and organizational sign-ons are welcome. Click here to read the full letter.
  • Spread the word! Take to social media using the sample messages below. Tweet at the company using handles @VeruHealthcare and @FC2USA and post to their Facebook page. Thank you to WORLD for providing the sample social media messages.
  • Sample Facebook posts: 
    • We need #FemaleCondoms to be easily accessible and affordable! Keep FC2s on the shelves and invest in education and marketing to women who are vulnerable to #HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy. Not all women have insurance or a doctor! #GFCD2017 #KeepFCsOTC
    • Taking #FemaleCondoms off of the shelves is unacceptable! Keep female condoms accessible! Keep them in the aisles! #GFCD2017 #KeepFCsOTC
    • Hoping to make more money at the risk of harming women is not how you should do business! Keep #FemaleCondoms accessible to people of all genders, even those without health insurance and doctors. #GFCD2017 #KeepFCsOTC
  • Sample tweets:
    • Keep #FemaleCondoms accessible! Don’t make them Rx only! #GFCD2017 #KeepFCsOTC @VeruHealthcare @FC2USA
    • What’s up @VeruHealthcare and @FC2USA? Making FC2 less accessible will not make people use them more! #GFCD2017 #KeepFCsOTC
    • Taking FC2 off of the shelves hurts people living with and vulnerable to HIV. Keep them accessible, @VeruHealthcare #GFCD2017 #KeepFCsOTC
  • Learn more! Read TheBody.com's article.